Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Again

The girls were fortunate enough to spend a very long weekend with their grandparents this past weekend.  Off on an adventure without Mama and Daddy and knowing they were in for a great deal of fun and some alone time for Mama and Daddy as a result.

It's a tricky deal, time alone.  While we were both very much looking forward to some much needed relaxation, we are always a bit hesitant to send the girls off.  Not because we have a lack of faith in the grandparents (I turned out quite fantastic I believe), or a doubt that they would have the time of their lives, none of that at all.  Simply just a knowledge that we would miss them like mad while they were gone.  And miss them we did.  Certainly it was nice to catch up on a bit of missed sleep, and have the time to finish an actual conversation with one another.  There were lots of projects finished, lots of quiet enjoyed, and a bit of surprise crafting completed while they were away. (and a dead camera battery the entire time)  I am very thankful they have grandparents who look forward to spending this wonderful quality time making memories with them and who are happy to give us parents a bit of a break from time to time.

I will be the first to admit I was more than ready to pick them up again to bring them home.  I was met with loads of hugs, and even more stories of the excitement from their trip--Did you know Grandpa has a beard?!  Enough stories to last us the trip home and then some.

GIrls 3

Everyone is home again, right where they belong, and all is once again right in our world.

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