Friday, November 1, 2013

Pre-Halloween Costumes

Being the master of procrastination that I am, I hadn't finished the girls' Halloween costumes in time for dance class earlier this week so we had to get a bit creative and make our own last minute costumes. 

We pulled out butterfly wings from the dress up costumes and added it to a black dance leotard we had to make Kait a butterfly for ballet class on Monday.  We added a pipe cleaner snapped in with a hair barrette for antennae and she was ready to go. 

Ballet Costume 1
Ballet Costume 2
Ballet Costume 19
Kinsley decided she wanted to wear her birthday dress and be an Autumn Princess. We made a quick headband out of felt and she gathered some beautiful leaves from Nana's yard to make her crown. A little hot glue to hold them in place and the Princess was ready to dance.
Ballet Costume 5
Ballet Costume 4
Ballet Costume 8
Neither costume took more than 10 minutes to put together and the girls were both so proud of coming up with their ideas. Sometimes procrastination can be a beautiful thing.
Ballet Costume 6
Ballet Costume 10
For tap day on Tuesday they still weren't quite ready so we had to whip up a bit more costume creativity. I always have a stash of blank shirts in my crafting supplies for last minute needs and they came in handy this time. I cut a basic ghost face out of a black and glitter felt in our stash and used a bit of fusible webbing to iron them onto their shirts. They had the best time making ghost noises and trying to scare everyone.
  Ghost Costume 2
Ghost Costume 3
The costumes for both days were made in very little time and from things we already had on hand so they didn't cost us anything to make. The girls went on an on about how "awesome" their costumes were and had an absolute blast putting them together. Sometimes it really is the simple things that turn out to be the most fun, which is something that I need to remember more often.

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