Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Bats

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, really I've never liked it at all.  Sure the dressing up is fun but that's where my enjoyment ends.  Hubby on the other hand loves the spooky and gross stuff that pops up this time of year.  When we were first married I tolerated the scary décor and jack-o-lanterns that would adorn our front porch.  (I did not want that junk inside my house) I will admit to being relieved when Kinsley came along and all things Halloween had to be removed.  She was absolutely terrified of anything remotely scary and we would even have to avoid the stores that decorated for the holiday.  I didn't mind one bit.  I'm much more of a harvest décor type of girl anyway.

However, we now have Kaitlyn who loves all things "poooky" and I can sense Halloween décor sneaking its way back into our lives.  The trick now is to find a balance between some of the seriously frightening things out there and the absolute lack of décor we have now.  Things that will make Kait's (and Daddy's) spooky little heart happy without driving Kinsley and I insane. 

Spiders are absolutely out and the stuff my nightmares are made of.  I have some very lovely friends who insist on sending me pictures of spiders just to brighten my day...I will get them for this one day, I promise.  I have managed to find a few things that we can all seem to agree on however.  Black cats, friendly ghosts, candy corn and maybe a bat or two.  I realize that for the Halloween loving crowd this is probably a huge buzz kill, but for us it is all we can muster. 

In an effort to make everyone happy I went back to my favorite place to get stuffie patterns and picked up the pattern for this little guy.  I intended to make a couple to list in the shop, just for fun, and to give one to the girls if they decided they liked him.

Bat Collage 1

I was completely unprepared for how popular they were going to be.  Not only did they sell out in a matter of minutes, my own girls really loved them as well.  I shouldn't have been, I have yet to make a Bit of Whimsy Dolls pattern that didn't turn out great.  Kinsley's reaction was especially surprising, my girl that avoids all things Halloween related.  She absolutely fell in love with the little bat above.  I caught her trying to sneak him away several times before I had to tell her he was for the shop so he wasn't to be played with.  She was devastated, and promptly burst into tears telling me "I looked into his eyes and I just KNEW he was for me!" and just hugged him close.  What's a mama to do?  I, of course, gave her the bat and she squealed with excitement and ran off to play with him.  So worth it.

I hope these other guys will all be as well loved by their new owners as Angelcake is.  Somehow I have a feeling that they will.  They are pretty cute after all, a Halloween decoration that anyone can love.

Bat Collage 2

Bat Collage 3

Bat Collage 4

Bat Collage 5

Bat Collage 6

Bat Collage 7

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