Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cardboard House Races

We had so much fun with the cardboard box houses we made a few weeks ago but they were much too large to keep inside for too long.  The girls were hesitant to give up their houses so we had to come up with a bit of a creative way to say goodbye to them. 

Box races 4
Box Races 5
Box Races 7
Box Races 8
Box Races 11
Box Races 13

Box Races 14
Box Races 16
Box Races 17
The fact that they insisted on carrying their boxes back up the hill each time was an added bonus when bedtime came around.  They were asking for bedtime.  
Box Races 18
After a while Kinsley's box was no longer race worthy so they decided to combine forces and make Kait's box into a double racer.  
Box Races 21
Box Races 24
A memory that we are likely to remember for years to come, at least I know I will. 

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