Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dancing Sisters

This week was the first parent observation week of the new dance year.  We were all very much looking forward to going.  Kinsley was more excited to watch her sister dance than she was to show off her own new moves.  I love that she is so excited for her sister and that they have something that they love to share with each other.  We have so many dance performances at home these days, it seems that daily we are presented with an entirely new dance routine we just must watch.  And watch we do, quite happily.
I will admit that I was a bit nervous about Kaitlyn dancing this year.  Remembering how her soccer career ended in the second practice with a flood of tears I was worried.  Dancing though, dancing wasn't just something she said she liked.  Dancing was something she begged to do.  Watching big sister get to dance each week and wishing she could go in as well.  The dance teacher assured me that it was a great decision to let her join, that I would understand this week.  She was absolutely right.  Kaitlyn just beamed as she performed all her new dance moves for everyone watching.  Not a hint of shyness or concern about the audience, just pure happiness over finally getting to dance.

Dancers 3
Dancers 1
Dancers 10
Dancers 16
Dancers 18
Dancers 20
Then it was time for Kinsley to dance.  She is much more aware of the audience watching her at first, but once the music starts she is complete focus.  She is already learning so much this year.  I was surprised since we are still so early in the new season.  Though I shouldn't have been, she practices so much on her own at home.  Eats, sleeps, and breathes dance this girl of mine.  She is already talking of adding on a new class next year, though mama is not so sure about the extra work load for her.  That is the beauty of homeschool I suppose...the ability to manage our time to include what we are most passionate about.
Dancers 22
Dancers 24
Dancers 28
Dancers 29
Dancers 32
Dancers 34

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