Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outdoor crafting

The weather here has been absolutely ideal lately and we've been out soaking up as much of it as we can.  It's wonderful, but unfortunately means that not a lot of time has been spent inside near the sewing machine.  Thankfully I have a few projects in the works that are easy to take along outside. 


I've been working on a bit of a decoration to hang over our table in our crafting/learning space.  I am hoping it turns out as well as it looks in my mind.  It's a great way to practice my embroidery stitches too.  Embroidery seems to have taken over the house as a whole.  Both girls are working away on their own little embroidery projects too but I'm not allowed to share them quite yet. 

If you haven't seen this book though, Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray, you really need to give it a look.  The designs inside are incredibly adorable and I love the added cd so that I can resize the images to fit whatever project I am working on.  It is being put to very good use around here.  The girls love to ooh and aah over all the pretty designs and keep coming up with new ways to use them. 


  1. so pretty, love the whimsical tree :-) I adore Aimee Ray's creations too

  2. Thank you. I'm having an absolute blast with them.