Monday, October 14, 2013

Simple Weekend

It seems as though our days are getting to be so busy during the week.  I know a lot of it is the time of year we are in, but I still can't help resisting the change of pace.  To combat our weekday hustle and bustle we've been trying to keep our weekends as simple as possible.  This weekend we were really feeling the need to just pull away and hide for a bit so we took a picnic out to one of our favorite spots.  We all need some time to decompress and this was exactly what we did.  Within minutes you could feel the change taking place.  The stress of the days before melted away as we soaked in the sights and sounds around us.  The only noise heard over the waves was the sound of the girls' delight in finding new treasures while exploring the vastness around them.  Music to this mama's ears for sure. 

Fall Lake 15
Fall Lake 11
Fall Lake 2
Fall Lake 13
Fall Lake 12
Fall Lake 8
Fall Lake 19
Fall Lake 17
Fall Lake 18
Fall Lake 3
Fall Lake 20
We stayed, soaking up every last drop of sunlight before trekking back out the trail that had led us in.  Heading back to the real world with a renewed sense of calm and a promise to come back just as soon as we could manage. 

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