Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sally Doll Makeover

Two years ago at Christmas I made Kait her very first Waldorf baby doll.  Sadly, she sat mostly unused after the first couple of months.  And even more sadly her hair was in a wild state of unravel.  It wasn't the fault of the yarn used but more the stitching in place to hold it down.  I'll admit I was always a bit sad that Kait didn't seem to love her the way her sister loved her dolls.  Though it wasn't only poor Sally that didn't get any love, Kait never played much with any of the dolls.  It was always her stuffed animals that took the place of babies in all of her play, usually a bunny or a stuffed cat.

This year we were discussing her lack of interest and hubby suggested that maybe if she had a really special doll that she would enjoy playing with them more.   I just couldn't see spending so much on another Waldorf doll that would like just sit in the basket unloved so I decided dear old Sally doll would get a makeover.  After all, even if she still didn't love her I would only be out some extra time and a bit of yarn. 

Her eyes were the only thing that stayed.  The hair and mouth were quickly snipped away ready to be redone.  In these pictures she already has her clothing on because the girls were worried about her being cold just sitting around being naked.  The adorable pants came from the amazing Sam at Inkwood Forest.  I just love them, and now Kinsley insists that her dolls need some pants as well so they were a huge hit.  I cut down a blank onesie I has sitting around to make her t-shirt.  Since I was trying to have her finished before we left on our weekend trip there wasn't a lot of time to devote to it but I think it turned out cute enough.

Sally Doll 1
Sally Doll 2
Sally Doll 3
Sally Doll 4
I used this method for her new hair and I really like the way it turned out.  It was a bit more time consuming but I think in the end it was definitely worth it.  
Sally Doll 5
Sally Doll 6
Kaitlyn approved of Sally doll's new makeover and I was happy to see her get a bit more play time than before.  She has since been moved to the honor of sleeping on Kait's pillow with her so I'll call it a win.  Even though right at this moment she is playing tea party with a bunny in place of a baby doll...that's my Kait.  

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