Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Books by Kinsley

October already.  The days certainly seem to move quicker as the years go by.  There are so many reasons I am thankful to have my children with me every day, the passing of time is only one of them.  Already the years have gone by in the blink of an eye, soon (most likely sooner than I want to admit) they won't be small at all.  I am thankful to have them here so that we can experience so much together.  It is also why I take so many pictures, to keep them as reminders of these days.  Moments that I might have missed if things were different in our lives...moments that might never have happened. 

Moments like Kinsley and her books.  For weeks Kinsley wanted to do nothing but make her own story books.  Lots of time went into creating these small paper books.  She spent ages working on the perfect illustrations and knew just exactly where her story was going to take her.  She would bring each page to one of us and tell us exactly what it was to say.  Several times she would repeat herself just to make sure there was no chance of a mistake.  We'd find her in various places around the house, working diligently on her stories, not wanting to take a break for much of anything really.

Books 2
They turned out to be very sweet little stories. Each one very specific, and each one different.
Books 4
Books 5
Books 7
Books 8
Books 9
Books 11
It wasn't until there was a great stack of books that she let us in on her plans for them.
Lemonade 4
A book sale, complete with lemonade.  She was so proud of her sale and was ready for the rush of customers that would surely come her way.

Lemonade 1
Of course, not being in town means that customers were a bit hard to come by from time to time.  
Lemonade 2
Lemonade 3
Thankfully there was a little sister handy who was always willing to play the part of happy customer to fill the time.  At the end of the day she managed to sell all of her books and lemonade to the various customers that were lovely enough to stop by. 

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