Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cardboard Houses

Sometimes all you need to have a good time is a cardboard box.  When the girls got their new carseats a few months back I made sure we saved the boxes with this particular activity in mind.  We needed a good indoor activity and this filled the spot perfectly.

  Houses 1
Houses 2
We split the seam, flipped the boxes inside out, and then they were ready to be made into houses.  The girls decided where they wanted us to cut their doors and windows and then they were all set.
Houses 3
Houses 4
Houses 5
Houses 6
Houses 7
Houses 8
I thought they'd enjoy this activity but I didn't realize to what extent.  These houses received constant play in so many ways.  They spent several days just decorating them both inside and out.  They went on numerous adventures to far away places and moved their dolls in and created a home.

We also did some pretty fun things with them after a while too but that will be a post for another day. 

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