Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer ending

This is such a tricky time of year.  We are all so ready for the arrival of Autumn but Summer isn't quite loosening its hold on us just yet.

Inside we are already enjoying some of our favorite Autumn decorations, though I will admit it seems just a tad bit silly when outside the afternoons are still so warm.  Thankfully the mornings and evenings are cool enough to make it easy to rationalize the early decorations.

This weekend we embraced the summer temperatures and when we headed out for an afternoon drive we made an unexpected trip to the lake.  We try to spend as much time as possible outdoors when we can.  I truly believe that time spent in nature is good for your soul. Just experiencing the things around us without distraction always seems to recharge our spirits. 

Lake 1
Lake 5
Lake 9
Lake 6
Lake 4
Lake 2
Lake 7
Lake 10
Lake 11
We ended our weekend by enjoying the cooler evening temperatures sitting by a fire roasting marshmallows together.  Tricky weather perhaps, but lovely just the same.  

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