Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Travel OK: Tulsa Children's Museum

We recently got to visit the new Tulsa Children's Museum Discovery Lab with a group and had a terrific time.  I am thrilled to see something geared specifically for Children happening in our area again.  There were plenty of open ended activities to keep the kids all happy for several hours.

I liked that many of the exhibits featured recycled materials and that they ask for donations of materials for various upcoming projects like cereal boxes, scrap fabric, etc.  It lets the kids get involved even more in the exhibits and recycling is always a good thing. 

Childrens museum 1
Childrens museum 6
The cardboard box building area was Kinsley's favorite.  She spent quite a while building a fort out of the various size boxes.  They also had the book Not A Box in this area to read to the kids.  If you haven't read this book you should, it is very cute.  And you know we love to pretend with a box around here. 

Childrens museum 8
Childrens museum 7
Kaitlyn had a different opinion of the best exhibit.  The tape tunnels won her vote and really I can't blame her.  How cool is a huge tunnel made out of packing tape?  We really want to try our hand at making one of these at home.

Childrens museum
Childrens museum 2
Childrens museum 3
Childrens museum 4
Both girls enjoyed the various arts and crafts areas that were set up around the building.  Most of the time was probably spent in these areas which is just a little funny to me since we have most of the same supplies available at home for these projects.  I guess a change of scenery makes something seem new and interesting though. 

Childrens museum 11
Childrens museum 9
Childrens museum 10
I will say that while the space isn't quite as large as I had imagined we were still able to spend several hours there (and probably would have been more if they had their way).  Another great thing is that they change the activities and exhibits periodically so that you can come again and again and always have something new to do.  We're looking forward to our next visit already.

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