Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mentos and Diet Coke Fountain

Mentos 1
Have you tried this experiment yet?  This is the second time for us and it was just as much fun as the first time.  After watching the Mythbusters episode that featured the Mentos fountain Kinsley immediately added it the list of "do not try this at home" experiments that we were going to do at home.  This one is easy and fun for all ages though so we don't feel too badly about not following that warning.  If you have Netflix I definitely recommend that episode (or look it up on youtube) because it gives a lot of detail about what exactly is causing the reaction that creates this great fountain. 

But the experiment itself couldn't be easier.  Simply open a bottle of Diet Coke and drop in a couple Mentos.  And be prepared to run if you don't want a soda shower.  The first time we did the experiment we used one of these handy contraptions.  It was nice to have a string to keep you a bit farther away from the fountain (so you can skip that running away part) and to drop several more Mentos at once.  It wasn't necessary though.  We were able to get quite a fountain with just dropping 2-3 Mentos in at once, by hand. 

Mentos 2
Mentos 3
Mentos 4
Mentos 5
Mentos 6
Mentos 7
Mentos 8
We had neighborhood friends over to help with the experiment and obviously the kids were pretty impressed and couldn't wait to do it themselves. 

Mentos 9
Mentos 10
Mentos 11
By far the best reactions came from the smallest scientists...  
Mentos 12
Mentos 13
Mentos 14
I can't get over the look of sheer panic on Kait's face in that last picture.  I promise she really did have fun though!

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