Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We try to live every day with gratitude for all the wonderful things and people around us.  Even for the smallest things like this perfect little Autumn leaf discovered while we were out this weekend.  Of course everyone knows that sometimes we all lose sight of all the blessings we have and begin to take things for granted.  It's easy to do while rushing about doing the day to day things that must be accomplished.  It happens to us all and I've found that when it does life often gives you a wake up call to bring your focus back around to the present. 
We had one of those moments last week when life gave us quite a jolt.  Our focus was quickly and sharply brought back around to what is most important to us.  Forcing us to take a long hard look at what we were really spending our time focusing on rather than what we thought we might have been.  A chance to really look within ourselves and see what it was that we valued above all else and how much we truly had.  It was with that renewed sense of gratitude that we spent the weekend together in some of our favorite places, enveloping ourselves in the quiet wonder of nature and family togetherness. 
As we head into this new season before us we will be doing so with an intense focus on our family and what we allow to pull our attention aside for even a brief moment.  Life is much to precious to let anything stand in the way of that which is most important.

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