Sunday, August 24, 2014


Sometimes being a mama to two little girls is hard, really hard.  I mean bring you to tears hard.  Maybe it's all parenting in general, my personal experience just happens to be with girls.  Two little girls who couldn't be more different even if they had tried.  And sometimes, sometimes that makes for some really long days.

But sometimes (and thankfully more often than not around here) the days are really really good.  And sometimes in the midst of what you're sure is going to be an incredibly long (and likely not so good) day you can experience some of the best moments of motherhood.  This was my experience yesterday afternoon when we had to make a trip to the emergency room with both girls in tow.  Kinsley hasn't been feeling well for several days and we were reaching the point of doubting ourselves even though we were sure it was only the stomach virus that has been taking out most of our area.  With kids all starting back to school around us it was only a matter of time before it started happening.  Even homeschoolers get caught up in that sort of thing unfortunately.   

Regardless the girls and I made the trek in for what ended up being a 7 hour stay.  Seven hours.  In the emergency room with a sick girl and a four year old that doesn't care for being anywhere other than her home.  Sounds great right?  That's what I though too, but it turned out to be such a rewarding and uplifting experience for us all.  

I watched as my littlest girl completely took over the role of caretaker that normally belongs to her older sister.  She spent the entire time trying everything she could think of to help her sister feel better.  She took this new role very seriously and watching the love and concern on her face was an amazing experience.  Making sure she was well covered by her blanket, offering to get her snacks or water, trying to cheer her up, and generally just doing her best to care for her.  

Even Kinsley, in all her discomfort was looking out for her little sister's well being too.  When Kaitlyn was cold she pulled her in close so they could both snuggle under the same blanket to say warm.  And while I was explaining to Kaitlyn that we'd have to wait to get a snack because the vending machines were on the other side of the hospital and we couldn't leave her sister alone, Kinsley spoke up saying "Mama, I don't want sissy to be hungry so I can be strong and walk there." just so that her sister could be happy.  My loves.
When the time came for blood work to be done Kinsley immediately started to well up with tears and on the walk over to the lab Kaitlyn stood right by her.  Offering her best advice from her memories of her time at the doctor's and telling her excitedly that it was the very same thing that she had to do herself.  When the time for the needle came Kaitlyn took her sister by the hand and kept telling her "it's not bad sissy, it doesn't hurt." over and over again.  It was all I could do to hold myself together at that point.  When these moments of pure sisterly love shine through I wish I could freeze time so those moments could last forever.  


Sitting in the exam room waiting to be discharged I couldn't help but snap this one quick picture.  Kinsley still upset from the shot, but not wanting me to comfort her.  Kaitlyn hopped up right behind her and did the only thing she knew to do, rub her back for her.  It's one of Kinsley's very favorite things, and in that moment was the perfect way to care for her.  So often as parents we want to jump in and take all their pain away, and sometimes that isn't possible...and sometimes it might not even be our job.

Most days I'm hoping that they learn just a little bit of what I'm trying to teach them, but yesterday they were the ones to teach me a great lesson.

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