Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Doll Clothes Swap

I spent the weekend sewing my fingers to the bone trying to finish up last minute details on my offerings for a doll clothes and accessories swap I joined. Okay, so I was using the sewing machine but still, it's a lot of work. Nothing like a looming deadline to make me incredibly productive.  When I first signed up for the swap I knew I wanted to do something Christmas themed and with the way my girls treat their dolls like part of the family it only made sense that they'd need some stockings to fill at Christmas.  And of course, my girls think that every occasion calls for a new mama made dress.

Doll Swap 3

Doll Swap 1

Doll Swap 2

Doll Swap 4

Doll Swap 5

Doll Swap 6

I made six holiday peasant dresses and six little Christmas stockings.  We also included a few little wooden presents for the dolls to find in their stockings.  These sets are on their way to their new homes and we're anxiously awaiting our items in return.  These swaps are quickly becoming addictive, but they are so much fun.  Though I have to say I wouldn't mind my next few sewing projects being full sized.  It always surprises me that these little projects can take as much time to complete as their full size counterparts.  Maybe I'll actually manage to make our new Christmas stockings this year...

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