Thursday, October 23, 2014

KCW Day 4: Star Wars Dress

Typically only the birthday girl gets a new outfit, but since it happens to be Kid's Clothes Week and both girls are big Star Wars fans it seemed only fitting that little sister should get a new outfit too.  She insisted that she needed a "Dark Bader" dress and mama was happy to oblige.

I used a pattern I picked up at Hobby Lobby over the summer while they were on sale, McCall's 6017.  Sometimes I get so frustrated with these types of patterns because they seem to do things in such a weird way and over complicate things.  This pattern was pretty straight forward and it was nice to just cut and sew and not worry about it.  It's a very simple sundress pattern but worked perfectly for Kaitlyn.  She loves this style of dress so I knew it would be a hit, she's not quite as particular about her clothing choices.

Star Wars Dress 1

I followed the pattern only making it a full size larger than I thought she probably needed.  For one, because I cut the pieces out while she was sleeping last night and didn't want to end up too small. Also because I knew that for at least the next six months or so it would be worn layered over a long sleeve shirt and I wanted to make sure she had plenty of room.  Bonus that she'll hopefully be able to still wear it for another year too.

Star Wars Dress 7

Star Wars Dress 5

Star Wars Dress 6

The best part of this dress?  The extra fullness of the skirt made this an instant hit.  "It twirls so good when I spin!"  Yes, yes it does.

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