Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Bats

I was completely taken off guard by the popularity of the bats I made last year for Halloween.  Truth be told, I was pretty surprised at how much fun I had making them too.  I definitely wanted to make a few more again this year before I ran out of time.  I wonder if that means Halloween is starting to grow on me?  I'm still pretty certain it's not going to make it to the top of my favorite holidays, but maybe it's not so bad.  Especially with cute decorations like this.  

I have one more that is just one little embroidered eye away from being finished, he just didn't make it in time for today's post.  The bottom two are already spoken for and on their way to their new homes, but the cute little black and green guy is going to hang out in the shop until he finds a new home.  Hopefully he finds one soon so that he doesn't have to join our already too large family of mama made stuffies.  

Bats 3

Bats 2

Bats 1

Just like last year's bats I used this pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls to make these little guys.  

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