Wednesday, November 5, 2014

M - I - C - K - E - Y

A sweet friend of mine was planning a first birthday for her twins and contacted me about making Mickey themed hats for them to wear.  What a fun request!  They were also going to be used as part of their Halloween costumes after.  I used the Mickey and Minnie Earflap pattern by Jennifer Pionk on Ravelry to make the hats.  Oh Ravelry...while I'm still awful about remembering to add my own finished projects, I love to search around for patterns and have a list of things I want to make that's about a mile long.  I'm RusticOkie on Ravelry if anyone wants to follow along.

I love that this pattern used a double strand because she lives in a much colder part of the country than I do, and I wanted to make sure those little heads stayed nice and toasty.  She wanted simple solid black, but I love the original colors on the pattern and would love to make another one as written.  The pattern was super easy to follow and in the end had a really nice texture to it.

Mickey Hats 2

Aren't they absolutely adorable?  Especially if you ignore my makeshift displays.  Ha!  I was just about to head to the post office to ship them out when I remembered that I hadn't taken any pictures, so this was the best I could do and still make it to town before the post office closed.  I think the cuteness of the hats makes up for it though.  

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