Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Cade Cap

Last night I found myself in a rare situation where I didn't have a single work in progress project that I could work on.  What?!  How does that even happen?  I've been making a conscious effort to complete some of the projects I've had sitting around and I actually managed to get them all finished.  My hooks were completely empty and it was a really weird feeling.

I took advantage of this rare moment of crochet freedom to work up a quick hat for my little hat loving girl.  There is no such thing as too many hats for this one, and I'm happy to add another to her collection.

I chose The Cade Cap pattern from The Velvet Acorn.  Have you seen her patterns?  My goodness I want to make them all.  They're so much fun, especially the animal cowls.  I love those.  I went with the Cade Cap because I knew I had a bit of wool leftover from the acorn pots I made earlier this fall that would be the perfect color.

Cade Cap 3

Cade Cap 2

These pictures really don't do the hat justice at all.  Especially the second picture, the hat really drapes very nicely when it's pushed up a bit higher on the head (as designed) but that simply doesn't work for Kait.  If I was to make it again, which I think I will, I would add more rows to the body of the hat to allow it to drape while still being pulled down low.

It's really a cute little hat, but it was also pretty chilly and extremely windy outside so my model only cooperated for about 38 seconds before she was absolutely finished with the photo shoot.  The picture below is the reaction I got when I suggested she let me fix the hat and take a few more photos.  Yeah.  I'll try again another day.

Cade Cap 1

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