Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is my kind of deer.

Those of you that know me are aware of the fact that my husband is an avid hunter. You've heard of the phrase "hunter's widow" right? Yep that's me. I consider myself lucky to see him for an hour a day during deer season. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there. During the off season there are deer to spot, feeders to fill and a million other things that are deer related. This includes driving around to see if there are any deer that travel through our area. The majority of the time these trips are pretty boring and we don't see much, but this trip was different. We spotted the cutest baby deer and we couldn't resist loading her up and bringing her home with us.
Okay you got me. She's not really a deer. But she is way cuter than any of the deer I've seen.
A good friend of my husband gave us this little outfit and I couldn't resist snapping a quick picture. So what do you think, would she make the cover of Field & Stream?


  1. Defintely ONE of the cutest little deers I've ever seen! Ha ha!

    Check out Melanie's blog and go back to the December post...she has the same outfit...but it's not pink! I LOVE IT!