Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crochet Cinnamon Rolls

By far the most used toy our daughter has is her pint sized kitchen. Santa brought it to her last year and not a day has gone by since that it hasn't been played with. Thank goodness Santa found a great deal on an awesome wooden kitchen on Craigslist. And rumor has it that one of Santa's helpers was up until the wee hours of the night Christmas Eve painting it. It was more than worth the lack of sleep that the pregnant elf endured though. ;)

Since we had such a great wooden kitchen, I knew we wouldn't be happy with just a tub full of plastic food (although we do have some) so off I went exploring the world of handmade play food. There are so many great patterns and tutorials on the web for making play food for your little one. And great Etsy shops to buy it already made. We started out simple with a few felt strawberries and as her culinary skills have expanded so has my crafting.

After a special sweet breakfast one morning my big girl said she wished she had some cinnamon rolls too so what's a crafty mama to do? Find a way to make some of course. I found this great crochet pattern and got started. They whipped up in no time and now she has an entire pan full of sweet goodness. The pattern calls to put icing on the top but I didn't like the way it turned out so these cinnamon rolls are the fresh out of the oven pre-icing variety.

Since I've been sitting in this recliner pretty much 24/7 recovering (which is going quite well) I had lots of time to add a few more for her and I've also been working on some baby afghans for the shop, in non girly colors none the less. Stay tuned for those...


  1. Those are so stinking cute!

  2. Love them!!! Your such a talented person.