Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gone Fishing

I feel like this post has been forever in the making. We finally were able to take Kinsley on her very first fishing trip. I'm a little sad that it took us 3 1/2 years to finally get it done though. It seems like something was always working against us. The plus to waiting so long was that Kinsely was really excited and able to actually do the fishing part herself some too.

Gone Fishing Pic 1

Gone Fishing Pic 2

Gone Fishing Pic 4

Gone Fishing Pic 5

Gone Fishing Pic 6

Do you like her "look I just caught a fish pose"? She did that same pose each and every time. Silly girl. We took her to a little place just down from the house that we knew was full of perch so she would be guaranteed to catch something. We'll wait until she's a bit older and gone a few more times before we get into the sitting all day and catching nothing kind of fishing. Turns out she wasn't satisfied with just catching perch and proclaimed "this time I'm going to catch a catfish" as she cast her line the next time.

Gone Fishing Pic 7

Gone Fishing Pic 9

Gone Fishing Pic 8

Gone Fishing Pic 10

Can you believe that is exactly what she did? Talk about beginners luck. After that excitement she started to get a little bit bored.

Gone Fishing Pic 12

Gone Fishing Minnow Picture

So we decided to call it a day so she fed the rest of her worm to the minnows and went home to show off her big catch.

Gone Fishing Show Your Catch


  1. loveit. Notice she isn't as close to the catfish. Reminds me of her mother. Did she get to eat catfish. That is the best way to end a fishing trip.

  2. That's exactly what she said on the way home "We need to cut it up so I can eat it".