Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smart Summer: Sandpaper Starfish

We finished up Water Fun Week with some easy sandpaper starfish. I simply cut some rough star shapes out of sandpaper and put the girls to work with some older crayons.

Sandpaper Stars Pic 1

Sandpaper Stars Pic 4

Kinsley liked the novelty of drawing on something different than her normal papers and we discussed how the sanpaper felt differently and whether or not we thought it would make the crayons look different. She liked layering her colors and how vibrant the colors appeared.

Sandpaper Stars Pic 5

I don't think Kaitlyn was quite as impressed. Though she did color for longer than she normally does. She isn't a huge fan of art at this point.

Sandpaper Stars Pic 3

Though she is a big fan of eating art supplies. Sigh. She will outgrow this soon right?

We didn't get to make our egg carton sea turtles, our jellyfish or the fishing game this week but I'm keeping the ideas around for later.

Now we're on to the final week of the Smart Summer Challenge: Outer Space! Should be fun.

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