Sunday, April 22, 2012

earth day

Have you hugged the Earth lately?  We talk a great deal about being kind to the Earth and taking care of our surroundings.  Kinsley likes to tell us that when she grows up she is going to be an "Earth destroyer watcher" so she can find all the people that are doing bad things and make them clean up.  An admirable idea for sure and her conservation desires have inspired us all to start making some changes towards a more eco friendly lifestyle.  We've moved away from disposable products, removing toxins in our cleaning supplies and really taking a hard look at where our food is coming from and where our money is going to name a few.  With each new change we've made I've felt a sense of peace and found surprising hidden benefits that we weren't expecting.  We still have a lot more that we can do but we're headed in the right direction at least. 

The girls were excited to check out the local Earth Day festival this weekend.  We weren't sure what we'd find when we arrived but they had a great deal of interactive activities for the kids.  It was also a great opportunity to connect with some great people and gain some insight into what the local community has to offer.  We met lots of like-minded families and I can't wait to get to know some of them better. 

Earth Day 2

Earth Day 3

Earth Day 4

Earth Day 5

Earth Day 8

Earth Day 7

Earth Day 6

Earth Day 9

And Hooping!  Have you ever seen these girls in action?  Ever since I discovered Sara at Walk Slowly Live Wildly I've been mildly obsessed with the idea of hooping and now Kinsley has the hooping bug as well.  Check out all her hooping goodness over at The Happy Hoop so you can see what we're talking about.  I definitely see some hoops in our future!

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