Monday, April 2, 2012

Fairy discovery

Spring has brought about some terrific surprises for our nature loving girls this year.  We were outside exploring for some things to add to our Spring nature table when we came upon what we determined to be a terrific little fairy house at the base of a tree.  It has the most adorable front porch but it looked like it needed a bit of sprucing up before any Spring fairies could move it so we set to work cleaning up around it.  We even discovered a tiny fairy treasure buried in the dirt so we knew it was meant to be.  After it was cleaned up we waited, hoping a tiny fairy would appreciate our work and want to make this lovely house her new home. 

Spring 4

Spring 6

At first nothing seemed to have changed and we wondered if maybe our little house would go undiscovered but one day when we checked in we made a marvelous discovery.  It appeared as if a fairy had finally come and made herself at home.  We were so excited!

Fairy House 4
Fairy House   

Fairy House 3
We spotted a tiny planter crafted from an acorn cap and even a tiny little broom.  It looks like our fairy friend was cleaning up and making herself right at home.  She had also moved in a nice wooden chair she crafted out of a piece of cedar, likely from a nearby tree.  Those fairies are pretty amazing because crafting a tiny chair by hand is no easy task.  I can just imagine her sitting here in her chair sipping on a tiny cup of tea.  Doesn't that just sound lovely?  


  1. What a lovely post, brought a smile to my face. Just magic!

  2. Sooo cute!! We're getting ready to make fairy gardens outside, just waiting for it to not be freezing cold and raining. Can't wait!!