Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ready or not...

Here she comes!!  We're entering the time of year where the greatest majority of our day is spent outdoors.  Each day I notice we are staying out a bit longer and a bit later, soaking up as much Spring as we possibly can.  Daddy often comes home from work to find us playing outside and barely has time to change before we pull him into whatever game we happen to be playing.  Last night it happened to be hide and go tag.  Kinsley invented this game to make it just a bit more challenging you don't have to just find someone, you have to be able to catch them too.  It's harder than you might think.  While she isn't a great hider, often making animal noises and calling out to help you find her, she is quite fast. 

Outside 5Outside 6

Outside 4


Another regular part of living outside, for my girls anyway, is getting scraped up.  My girls seem to constantly be running into of falling off of something.  A perfectly natural part of an adventurous childhood.

Outside 12

This injury came from running a bit faster than her legs could go, poor kiddo.    We always try to follow their lead about injuries and don't ever want to stifle their feelings.  You won't hear us telling her to "be tough" or "stop crying", it's important that she knows that it's okay to feel whatever she might be feeling and that she doens't have to put on a brave face for anyone.  This time she needed a bit to snuggle up and this mama was ready to hold her until she felt okay again.  She took about 5 minutes to cry it out with mama and then was right back in the game.

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