Monday, April 16, 2012

run free

On one of our last trips down to visit my grandparents we had a spur of the moment cookout, as in we grabbed hot dogs and marshmallows on the way out to the farm. The girls were mostly excited to have marshmallows and that they got to do the cooking themselves. It truly is the small things in life that bring the most excitement to children it seems.

Cookout 6

Cookout 11

Cookout 12

Cookout 7

Cookout 3

Cookout 8

Cookout 2


Why is it that something as simple as a hotdog tastes so much better when you're cooking and eating outside? I think the combination of the fire and the fresh air really make all the difference. Being out there with all that space to roam made me long for more space of our own. I dream of having enough land to really spread out on. Expanding our garden by at least double, having space enough to add chickens and maybe even some sheep to our family, and just having the space for the girls to run free. Someday. The girls loved just running around in the open space and Kinsley kept telling me "look how far I can run!" and laughing. These girls of mine certainly belong in the country.

Cookout 9

Cookout 10

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  1. Gorgeous post! And food cooked outside does always taste better doesn't it! I have many fond memories of cookouts (that's a new word for me!). Hope you get your bigger space x

    Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times :-)