Monday, June 11, 2012


Ballerina 5

My talented little ballerina had her very first ballet recital this past weekend.   She was so excited, but admitted to me that she was a little nervous about the big audience.  I told her exactly where I would be sitting and that it only mattered that she did her best and had fun.  Once the music started she was all smiles and did a terrific job.


Rehearsal 12

Rehearsal 6

Ballerina 2

Rehearsal 15

She could barely contain her excitement once the show was over and loved her beautiful flowers.  I was proud of myself for only tearing up a little bit during her dance, such a proud mama.  She's worked so very hard this year learning all her dance moves and practicing.   

Ballerina 11'

Ballerina 14

She is already excited about starting a new year of dance this fall...

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  1. Ohh Amanda ~ how beautiful and graceful she looks! What special memories :-) I'd love you to share on Happy Family Times x