Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Starting Summer

We're finally getting into a summertime rhythm which is good since the temperatures just keep rising.  This entire week is forecasted with temps over 100* so I'd say summer is definitely here.  I know a lot of people look forward to summer but I am generally not one of them.  I see very few things good about days that are so hot you can't stand to be outside and actually move.  I generally spend summer dreaming of the cooler fall weather to come but this year I'm trying to take a different approach.  This year I really want to take the time to enjoy all the things that summer has to offer.  Time to focus on the things we do love about summer and hopefully find some new things to add to our (so far) very short list. All the fresh produce, swimming, snowcones, late nights spent outside playing...okay it's a shorter list than even I thought, this may take some work. 


Snow Cone

Summer feet


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