Saturday, June 16, 2012

Travel OK: OKC zoo

Recently we were discussing upcoming travels and different places we could take the girls this summer when we realized how little exploring we've done since having kids.  When Kinsley was a baby we still did quite a bit of traveling but since we've had both girls we really haven't gone anywhere except to visit family.  Not that we don't love doing that (in fact the girls and I are doing that right now) but we need to visit some new places.  The great thing is that Oklahoma really does  have a lot of fun little destinations so we don't even have to leave our home state.  So before we start dreaming of far off places we're going to get out and travel Oklahoma for a while.  There are lots of fun sights to see, we've already been to a few old favorites and some new ones this summer.  I can't wait to share them all with you over the coming weeks.

What better place to start the "Travel OK" series than at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  I can remember getting to visit this zoo as a kid and how much fun it always was.  Even though that was several years ago now I still have a great time when we take the girls.  They have added so many new animals and habitats in recent years and it most definitely takes all day to see it all. 

zoo 1

zoo 2

zoo 3

zoo 4

zoo 5

zoo 6

zoo 7

zoo 8

I swear they have more than just Gorillas at the zoo but due to a lack of charged batteries I couldn't get any more pictures.  Oops.  They have every animal you could imagine, sea lion shows, paddle boats, an incredible children's zoo and play area, and an amazing new elephant habitat. 

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