Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year thinking...

 An apple juice toast to ring in the new year!
I woke this morning happy to face the bright new year ahead of us. Not that I'm wishing 2012 away by any means, it was truly a wonderful year, only that I'm feeling the promise of another terrific year.  Every New Year's Eve we sit together and make our goals for next year, not resolutions as they seem to be things you want to stop doing and the word just seems to have such a negative vibe for most people.  We like to make goals:  things we're looking forward to, things we've always wanted to try, and places we'd love to go.  My list is of course always long but I do try and narrow it down to a few specific things that will get top priority. 

Learn to knit
Have a regularly scheduled date night with the hubby.
Visit as many local landmarks and tourist traps as we can.
Read at least 2 new books every month.
Play more.

Those are only a few of the thing I'm looking forward to for 2013.  This year we also continued a tradition that we started last year.  Each year we will choose a word to serve as the driving force for our family for the next year.  A word that inspires us and reminds us of our focus.  Last night many words were suggested:  adventure, gratitude, understanding...

Kinsley suggested manners and laughter while Kait exclaimed "parties" would be perfect.  I must say those all appealed greatly to this mama as well.  In the end it was daddy's suggestion that we all agreed upon.  Happiness.  Such a simple idea and yet something I think will suit us perfectly.  Afterall, if happiness is our goal then all the other ideas should naturally follow.

Here's to a year filled with laughter, adventure, parties, silliness, fun, love, and happiness...

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