Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well, hello Jake...

A puppy?  Who in the world needs a puppy?  Certainly not this family that is already busting out of our oh so tiny house.  No, certainly not us.

I love puppies of course, who doesn't.  They are all paws and nose and so much baby cuteness.  They are also a lot of work and I really didn't think we were up to adding any more to our plate.  We had already agreed on what new animals might be the next addition to our clan, and a puppy wasn't it. 

But then we saw this little guy in need of a home and absolutely fell in love.

Jake 2
How could we not?  There is one member of our crew that is especially smitten with Jake, and the feeling is quite mutual.  You won't often find one without the other.  I will admit to it being a bit of a rough start, however.  Even though he was immediately smitten with Kinsley he loved her a bit too much and she wasn't quite sure how to handle all the puppy affection, and nibbles.  Thankfully they seem to have gotten a handle on that and are back to loving one another.
Jake 3
Jake 4
I'd say they have definitely found a friend for life in each other.  What more could a little girl want? 

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