Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sewing Stuffies

Lots of sewing happened this holiday season but like most years a lot of it went off to new homes without being photographed.  Something about waiting until the last minute to finish gifts... 

Thankfully these little cuties did stick around long enough to have their pictures taken.  These sweet little Dinos went off to a sweet sister pair for a Christmas surprise.  They were from the Tommy T-Rex pattern at Bit of Whimsy Dolls. (notice a theme with my patterns last month?)  I'm not going to lie I was a little intimidated at the idea of making them originally but they were really simple once I got started.  The jumbo ric rac for the spikes is my favorite part.  

Dino 3
Dino 2
Dino 1

This little guy was another Bit of Whimsy pattern as well, her animal patterns are just too much fun to pass up.  Afterall, who doesn't need a fun little squirrel to brighten their day? 
Squirrel 2
 The big fluffy tail is so much fun, though I think it would still be really cute without it.  I have a feeling I'll eventually work my way through all of the animal patterns.  Except maybe the spider.  I don't care how cute the fabric is, spiders are still creepy. 


  1. Why yes, I need some really good Pics of the girls quilts. Up close and from a distance.

    I love the dino's. Love the little short legs.

  2. Blaze has a dino from that same patter that he loves as do I. Then you made his bug boy as he calls him. Now the squirrel I need to think on. I have a few friends and squirrels have become a sort of theme for us. I may need to get with you on making several for me :)

  3. Fun! I love squirrels too. They're very sneaky. ;)