Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Printable Valentines

The girls were so excited to make Valentines to hand out to their friends this year.  I didn't want to just pick up a box of character cards at the store but still needed something easy and quick to put together.  Pinterest to the rescue of course!  We used this printable from Todays Mama to make these cute little cards. 

There are six different cards and each has its own little saying and stick figure action.  The girls thought they were hilarious little people.  I loved that it was quick to print out the 30+ cards we needed and wouldn't break the bank either. 
Valentines 2
Just  a big bag of Smarties and a dab of glue from our low temp glue gun and they were ready to go.  I love this one of the stick figure holding up the candy.  So fun!
We also used these printable bubble tags for a little treat to take to ballet class.  We picked up a package of Valentine bubbles at Target while we were shopping this weekend.  We had plenty for both days of dance class.  
Valentines 4
Valentines 3


  1. Very sweet. We don't celebrate Valentine's much in Australia, and when we do it is more between partners. I love seeing how other people celebrate :-)

  2. My birthday is in a few days so my husband and I really never celebrated Valentines all that much. But we try to play it up and make it fun for the girls.