Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Party

While most people are just having their Valentine parties today, we actually had ours earlier this week.  I remember making Valentine mailboxes in school to hold all our special treats.  Our co-op took part in this tradition this year and it was so much fun.  We didn't have any shoeboxes around but I did have a couple old shipping boxes that I knew would do the trick. 
We of course waited until right before the party to remember to make our boxes so we had to do something relatively quick and easy. I simply covered the boxes with inside out Christmas wrapping paper and let them go to town decorating. I pulled out sharpies (of course) and then a package of foam hearts I had picked up earlier in the week. The girls had a blast making their very own mailboxes. Sometimes simple really is best.
Valentine boxes 1
Valentine boxes 2
Valentine boxes 3
Valentine boxes 4
Valentine boxes 5
Valentine boxes 6

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