Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello World!

We are so happy to announce the arrival of our newest girl...

Paisley 18

She had her own ideas about when and how she would be born, but finally at 41 weeks our sweet little Paisley was here.  She was 20 1/2" long and 8lbs 15oz, most of which I'm pretty sure was in those cheeks.

Paisley 6

Paisley 5

She was welcomed into the family by two very excited big sisters who couldn't wait to get their hands on her and begin spoiling her absolutely rotten.  They had waited so long for the day they could finally meet their new sister face to face and the love they showed for her was immediate and intense.  Our sweet little one will never want for a pair of arms to hold her close.

Paisley 20

Becoming a mother for the third time is just as amazing and life changing as it was the two times prior.  We waited so long for her and the fact that she is finally here with us absolutely takes my breath away in some moments.  Being able to relish in the love and warmth of this new addition to our family is a gift beyond measure.  Knowing that you grew and nurtured a life within you is an absolutely humbling experience, and I am honored for the opportunity to begin this journey of motherhood once again.

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