Friday, December 4, 2015

Slippers for St. Nicholas

This time last year I found myself up until the wee hours of the morning hurriedly trying to finish a new pair of slippers for each girl before St. Nicholas arrived.  Nothing sparks motivation quite like a last minute craft project and a quickly approaching deadline. Thankfully I did manage to finish in time, but only just barely.

Christmas Slippers 7

Christmas Slippers 8

Christmas Slippers 5

The girls were quite pleased with them, though the colorway made them extremely difficult to photograph well. The pattern was the Vanessa Button Slipper from Two Girls Patterns, and it was thankfully very quick and easy to complete.

This year as we began to settle in for the evening and prepare for the arrival of St. Nicholas we discovered that half of the slippers were missing!  Each girl could only find one slipper and though we turned the house upside down, the missing slippers were not recovered.  How is it possible that each child lost only one slipper?  Where could they have possibly gone?

Regardless of the why or how, I find myself once again up facing a looming deadline and hurriedly hoping to finish slippers before the arrival of St. Nicholas.  I certainly hope this doesn't become an annual tradition.

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