Friday, December 18, 2015

One Month

As am awake with you for what must be the hundredth time tonight, I realize an entire month has somehow managed to sneak by without so much as a warning.  How can that possibly be?  Surely there must be some mistake.  Though even as that thought crosses my mind, I realize that there is of course no mistake and time has simply sped by in the blink of an eye.  Already I can see the changes in front of me.  You're growing so quickly, as made evident by the ever growing stack of newborn clothing cast aside as I discover it no longer fits quite as it should.

I wish time would slow down just a bit, I'm just not quite ready.  However, as I look at your two older sisters, who adore you just as much as I do, I am made fully aware of the fact that despite my protests time simply continues marching on. 

Your oldest sister eve said to me "Now we get to know what it feels like to be you watching us grow up".  It seems that perhaps I'm not the only one struggling with you growing so quickly.  So please do us all a favor and slow down just a little and let us have time to prepare.  

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