Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trimming the tree

Tree 1 

 Every year as we put up this old tree a few more branches break and even more needles litter the ground. And every year we say that it’s the last year we’ll use this tree and that we’ll definitely buy a new one next year. Yet every year we pull out the same old tree, and I just can’t quite make myself find a new one.

  Tree 3

Tree 4

We bought this tree our first Christmas as a married couple, and even back then it wasn’t anything fancy but at the time it was perfect just the same. Our Charlie Brown tree, as we affectionately refer to it, has seen many changes over these past ten Christmases. Somehow holding up under the weight of new ornaments marking the additions of new babies and special memories we want to remember from the year behind us. 

    Tree 2

And this year we add another special ornament with the addition of our third and final sweet baby. Perhaps this is just what we’ve been waiting for all this time and this truly will be the final Christmas for our old tree. Maybe next year we will finally retire this faithful old tree and bring a new one home to enjoy…but then again, maybe not….

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