Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Break

I'm taking a break to brag a little. Last night the baby was in her bouncy seat and I was straightening up the living room when all of a sudden I heard music. Turns out she decided she wanted the mobile over her seat to play so she just reached up and pulled the handle herself! I was so excited for her. She always played with the things hanging on the mobile but never showed much interest in them except for batting them around. So I went about my cleaning all the while watching her and once the music stopped she reached up and pulled it again! Yea! She did this several more times. She also learned that she can pull the butterfly off (velcro) and play with it too. But that didn't last long and when she got tired of it she threw it across the room! I know this might sound silly but I was so proud of her. She is growing like a little weed and is learning so quickly. It's truly amazing to watch.

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