Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crayon Art

Crayons Pic 7

I realized I had forgotten to blog this activity (along with several others) from our summer fun, oops. Since the weather man is telling me the temps are going to be near (and below) freezing next week I thought I might ought to get the last summer posts completed.

I know we've all seen this project all over the net and as soon as I saw it on Pinterest I knew it was a must for us. We have a TON of crayons thanks to all the school supply sales and the canvas was left over from another project so we were all set.

Its ridiculously easy to do and the result is a lot of fun. We get compliments on it all the time and even a few requests for custom colors from family. Kinsley is very proud.

Gather up your supplies and decide how you want to arrange your colors:

Crayons Pic 1

Then bust out your hot glue gun and get going. Just glue them to the top edge of the canvas in any order you want.

Crayons Pic 3

Crayons Pic 2

Kinsley went with whatever she was feeling and I tried for more of a rainbow look. I love the ones done in single colors too. The possibilities are endless.

Crayons Pic 5

Crayons Pic 4

We wanted to test a theory and see if the sun would melt them for us. The temp was set to reach 115* that day so we thought we had a chance. Turns out it didn't work so we had to bring them inside and melt them with the blow dryer. It was still really fun. We found that it worked best to point the hair dryer down from the top of the canvas (as in at the blunt end of the crayon).

Crayons Pic 6

Just make sure if you are using the hair dryer inside that you cover a pretty good area around your artwork to protect it from flying wax. Ask me how I know this...

Then find a pretty place to hang your artwork and enjoy. We hung ours above the girls' arts and craft station. (clever huh?)

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