Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feeling Fall


I realize there hasn’t been a lot of blog activity lately, there just hasn’t been a lot of activity here lately. We’ve been staying pretty low key and having some lovely lazy days. It has been nice to not carry around the camera and to sort of hibernate as a family. But there has been a lot of mental activity lately, on my part at least. My mind has been going at top speed as of late and I can just feel big things ahead for our family. Have you ever felt like that? Just that something is looming just beyond the horizon and even though you don’t know what it is you feel the need to be prepared. I’m anxious to see what the end of this year has in store for us, if anything at all. It may simply be the pull of the changing seasons as everything seems to be pulled closer to the Earth. Everything around us is preparing for the new season; you can almost feel it buzzing in the air.

Everyone and everything seems to have breathed a huge sigh of relief at the cooling temperatures that have finally arrived. After a summer like we just experienced it is not at all surprising. It seems to have come on suddenly without the usual graceful and slow transition into fall making it a bit hard on some of us to make that switch, no matter how much we have looked forward to it. While the girls have been overjoyed with the increased amount of time outdoors they have resisted the change to longer pants and are not quite ready to let go of the sandals that have adorned their little feet all summer. Meanwhile this mama is happily pulling out sweaters and extra blankets. I’ve started (perhaps a bit late) to dream up some fall clothing and hats to keep little heads warm and perhaps a few items for myself as well. Daddy is dreaming of cooler nights and hunting season opening soon and perhaps dreading the work of chopping wood to keep us warm this winter.

Fall is such a strange time in that even with all the things that need to be completed before the cold weather truly sets in it is still such a relaxed and slow moving time of year; a time for quiet contemplation and certainly, a time for change.

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