Friday, October 28, 2011

A Day to Relax

Today was another great and lazy day. The weather was chilly and we spent the day cozied up around the fire. The great thing about days like this is the time to just be, to learn more about each other and to enjoy. Kinsley spent her day crafting and creating for some very special people. I love the opportunity to craft alongside her and just chat with one another, such a precious moment in a normally loud and busy life.


Crafting 2
I was so surprised by how well she was doing with her writing today. Just yesterday I was lamenting how I wasn't quite sure that she was learning enough with me (typical mama worrying you know?) and today she decides to put it all out there for me. Almost as if she knew I needed the reassurance. And all those extra loops in my name, they are there because "it just looks prettier that way". Of course it does.

Kaitlyn mostly spent her day floating from one comfy spot to the next, still not quite feeling like her normal energetic self but full of cuddles for those around her.

Crafting 3

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