Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer Series: Parade

It is hard to believe that fall is already here though we are definitely ready for the cooler weather. We're wrapping up some of the summer activities around here and I'm finally getting around to posting some of the things that have gone forgotten.

The girls decided to have a parade through town to mark the end of summer. It was such a cute idea and I couldn't help but smile as I watched their excitement building as they came up with new ideas. I really wasn't sure Kinsley would feel up to the parade but she was so excited that I couldn't ruin their fun. It ended up being a pretty short parade with Kinsley's fever coming back up and the car battery running down, but they still had a great time. I do think I could have just convinced them to stop at getting their faces painted, that was their favorite part.

Parade Girl

Parade Pic 2

Parade Pic 3

Parade Pic 4

Hope your summer wrapped up nicely and you are easing your way into a wonderful fall season. We'll be starting an Autumn Harvest curriculum next week and gearing up for some great fall festivities.

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