Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Kittens

The girls discovered our neighbor's baby kittens and are completely and totally in love. These poor little tiny babies don't have a mommy and our neighbor has been bottle feeding them. My girls have happily accepted the role of surrogate mommy and are doing a wonderful job loving on them. Kaitlyn is especially enamored with them, as she's never really seen tiny kittens before. She cuddles them and talks to them in a baby-talk voice and just adores them. It is really the cutest thing.

Kittens Pic 2

Kittens Pic 1

Kittens Pic 3

Kittens Pic 5

Kittens Pic 4

The only problem with them loving the kittens so is that when it is time to go home and put the kittens down Kaitlyn is heartbroken. She really tries to bring them home with her and her face when we take them away is beyond pitiful.

Kittens Pic 6

Kittens Pic 7

See what I mean? Oh that face, it is almost enough to get to keep a kitten. Almost.

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