Friday, September 2, 2011

See this girl?

Kait Swinging

Seriously. Do you SEE her. I adore this tiny little face, dirt and all. The fact that she is 15 months old today makes me more than a little sad.

She is already starting to lose so many of her "baby" traits and is definitely a full on toddler now. Her vocabulary is growing every day right along with her personality. I love seeing which new words she picks up and how she uses them, even if her new favorite is "why". I really thought I had a bit more time before that one but oh well. It is just her inquisitive nature. She wants to know what everything around her is and how it works. It amazes me how much she really absorbs and even though she is absolutely refusing to sign (seriously, she will look at you completely stone faced) she still recognizes and responds when you sign to her.

Her level of independent play increases every day and I can not help but smile when I see her playing a game with her big sister and giggling just like a big girl.

Kait swinging Pic 2

The time is absolutely speeding by and I know that in the blink of an eye she'll be 2 and then the years will just start piling on. But for now I will enjoy the cuddles and giggles and what little baby time I have left.

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  1. Mellissa Ybarra9/3/11, 7:22 PM

    You made me cry. Hope you're happy.

    lol! She's so lovely and YES it kills me that the "babies" maybe aren't such babies anymore. I can't reconcile "toddler" yet. Can't do it.