Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Series: Colored Ice

Melting Ice Pic 1

I kept seeing the posts about painting with coloring ice cubes like this one at Share & Remember and this one at Chasing Cheerios. I immediately knew it would be a great activity for my girls. Turns out I was wrong. They thought the colored ice cubes were great, but had no interest at all in coloring with them. All they wanted to do was put them on the sidewalk and watch them melt. So that is what we did.

Melting Ice Pic 4

Melting Ice Pic 2

Kaitlyn was more interested in snatching them up and trying to eat them. So that is what she did.

Melting Ice Pic 3

Melting Ice Pic 5

This activity is a perfect lesson in my biggest challenge in creating with the kids...letting go. So often I find this great activity and can't wait to show it to the girls and then upon seeing it they are not interested at all. I think that is especially true of kids this age. They often have their own idea of fun and their own perspective on an activity and it is becomes my job to step back and let them create how they see fit. Afterall it isn't about the project as much as it is the process. Creating and experimenting and having fun, those are the things that count.

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