Saturday, September 10, 2011

Have you thanked a firefighter lately?

I feel like I have been sitting in front of my embroidery machine for ages, likely because I really have. This past week was spent working on some new shirts for our local volunteer firefighers. Most of the fire departments in our immediate area are at least partially volunteer and those located in our rural area are completely volunteer. These men and women volunteer their time to help protect their neighbors and community and ask nothing in return. I was more than happy to be able to put my craftiness to work to benefit them.

Firefighter Pic 3

Firefighter Pic 1
This is his happy face. No, seriously. It really is.

Fighter Pic 2

I'm really happy with the way the embroidery turned out and the guys all thought they were pretty neat too so I'd call it a success. (Though I'm pretty sure none of them actually said "neat") I have a couple more projects in the works that involve our local fire departments but I'll save those for another day.

In the meantime maybe you can find a way to show some love to your local firefighters. There are tons of ways that you can help out whether you are crafty or not. You could bake them a special treat(or pick one up at your local bakery), I know these guys would never turn down some good food. Give them a call and see if there is anything they are in need of if you are willing to volunteer your time or talents. You can even just stop by with a note or a word of thanks for everything they do. Trust me, it is appreciated.

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  1. you did a great job on the shirts. Very professional.