Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ballerina 4

My big girl had her very first ballet class last night. She was over the moon excited to go, though I could tell she was a little bit nervous. She kept asking me if I was sure I was going to be right there the whole time, which I assured her I would. As we pulled up outside the studio I was a little nervous for her. She has always been apprehensive with new experiences and people and I so wanted her to enjoy herself in class because she loves to dance so much. I'm proud to say that she did very well and was really excited to show me what she learned (the parents are in a waiting room just outside the dance area). But as soon as class was over she came running up to me and jumped in my lap for me to hold her for a bit. My little love, such a beautiful ballerina.

Ballerina 3

Ballerina 5

Ballerina 2

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  1. You are so beautiful Kinsley. Hope you had a great time. I love your new ballerina clothes. Have fun with you dance classes.